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Eyelash epilation is a treatment performed on the eyelids. It aims at removing ingrown lashes together with bulbs. Improperly-growing eyelashes touch the eyeball, irritating it. Lash epilation is also useful for treating a condition which appears through two rows of lashes. The procedure can be performed on both lower and upper eyelids. Many people struggle […]

The extended eyelashes look spectacular but before you decide to have your eyelashes extended remember that they can also weaken your natural eyelashes. Many women have serious doubts about it. On the internet forums there are many posts regarding eyelash recovery after this kind of beauty treatment. If you are one of those seeking help, […]

These ways we have many different options when it comes to makeup. Very often we are confronted with a dilemma as to what to choose – mascara or false eyelashes? Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of the two! The fans of false eyelashes proclaim the convenience of this choice. Those opting for mascaras emphasize […]

Do you know what qualities a decent mascara should have so as to coat lashes well without flaking off or causing damages? Learn the properties of a good mascara – being aware of them, it will finally become easier for you to choose the right mascara for yourself. One of the greatest headaches of women […]

You have no idea how to make your eyelashes beautiful? Don’t worry, all you need to do is introduce some small changes to your daily care, thanks to which your lashes will be healthier and, therefore, nicer. On a daily basis, we do not think about the needs of our eyelashes. We apply mascara concentrating […]

A lash perm is supposed to give your lashes a pretty curl. You can do it on either short or long eyelashes. Without doubts, the effect is more spectacular on lengthy lashes. What’s the step-by-step procedure and what results can you bargain for? Are there any contraindications or adverse effects? What is the lash lift […]

While applying mascara, we don’t put too much thought into our facial expression. However, it changes as soon as somebody draws your attention to the fact that every time you coat your lashes with mascara you… open your mouth. Where does the compulsion come from? We are often unaware that we have similar habits, especially […]