How to recover from lash extensions?

The extended eyelashes look spectacular but before you decide to have your eyelashes extended remember that they can also weaken your natural eyelashes. Many women have serious doubts about it. On the internet forums there are many posts regarding eyelash recovery after this kind of beauty treatment. If you are one of those seeking help, we will provide you with all the information you need.

Broken eyelashes after eyelash extension – why does the condition of our eyelashes deteriorate?

Eyelashes have their own natural growth cycle, in order to make them grow healthy and beautiful, we should take care of them properly. The amount of factors that influence their condition might be surprising. A little bit of stress, new diet or a change of season are enough for eyelashes to start falling out. As they are very delicate, such an invasive treatment as eyelash extension might be the reason why their condition deteriorates. Generally, eyelash extension is a procedure that involves attaching one false lash onto each of our own natural lashes – natural lashes are overloaded to a large extent. It weakens the hair follicle structure and often results in an eyelash loss. What is more, eyelashes extension can also inhibits the eyelash growth. After removing artificial eyelashes, our natural eyelashes look much worse. This is not an unusual situation – most of women seek tips on how to recover eyelash after this kind of beauty treatment. So, how to recover from eyelash extensions?

Quick and effective regeneration after eyelash extensions

The good news is that there are several (better or worse) treatments that can improve the condition of our eyelashes and strengthen small hairs. Here are the most popular ones:

1. Eyelash Recovery – Eyelash Serum

Undoubtedly, this is the best option you can choose. Such conditioners are designed to strengthen and regenerate small hairs on the whole surface. A high quality conditioner soaks into the skin of the eyelids and nourishes the hair follicle –there it strengthens it and extends the cycle of its growth – thanks to this eyelash has more time for regeneration. The effect is visible after a few weeks – small hairs are longer than ever. They also become thicker and darker. Our eyelash line is thicker because more small hairs are stimulated to grow.

2. Vitamin E Capsules

Applying vitamin E on your eyelashes is much less effective (certainly not as quick) but it is still quite a good way for eyelash recovery. The capsules can be bought in chemist’s or any shop with healthy supplements. A good idea would be to combine ‘the beauty vitamin’ with natural oil – the best is castor oil, already loved and appreciated by our grandmothers. It is valued for fatty acid (ricinole) which is responsible for improving the condition of small hairs. Remember to apply the mixture in the evening, just before sleeping. Be careful as it might irritate your eyes and cause visual acuity if it gets to the conjunctival sac. Used regularly, the mixture can improve the general condition of our eyelashes.

3. Lash-regenerating Mascaras

High quality mascaras can regenerate your eyelashes as well as protect against the adverse influence of external factors. The best mascaras contain a set of natural substances improving the condition of eyelashes – this is a perfect solution as we usually wear mascara all day so the substances have quite a few hours to work on our eyelashes. Mascara will not be ale to replace eyelash conditioners but is a great complement. Another advantage of such a mascara is its durability being at the same time easily removable. Eyelashes do not fall out during daily care or cleansing treatments.