Mascara vs. false eyelashes. Which is the winner?

These ways we have many different options when it comes to makeup. Very often we are confronted with a dilemma as to what to choose – mascara or false eyelashes? Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of the two!

The fans of false eyelashes proclaim the convenience of this choice. Those opting for mascaras emphasize the importance of natural look. If you still don’t know which option to choose, keep on reading. You will see what wearing false lashes really means and why using mascara might not be a good choice.

False eyelashes – advantages

Many women choose false eyelashes because they give a lot more possibilities than a mascara. They are available in dozens of designs, colors and lengths. They can be natural, more impressive or theatrical. What is more, we can choose different type every day. With time and practise, the application and removal of the false eyelashes become a very quick process.

False eyelashes – disadvantages

The application of false eyelashes might seem difficult at first for an inexperienced person – the eyelash strip should be trimmed to fit and the glue layer cannot be too thick. Improperly glued lashes can peel off during the day, while too much glue on the strip can be visible which leads to an artificial effect. Also, it is no doubt that false eyelashes might overload natural lashes. It is easy to damage or rip the natural ones out when removing the false lashes. This is a definite disadvantage of this option.

Mascara – advantages

Most women still use mascaras. This is the easiest way to define, extend and thicken your natural eyelashes. A good mascara creates an impression of sexy but inartificial look. The vast array of options in the market allows to achieve different effects. The application of mascara is simpler than the application of false eyelashes, and the makeup removal can be done with no damage to the natural eyelashes. Additionally, mascaras often contain nourishing ingredients.

Mascara – disadvantages

Mascara has no major drawbacks. If there are any, they usually result from improper use of the product, for example the use of expired mascara, poor application method or skipping the makeup removal. In fact, if you aim at artistic makeup, it may be hard to create a theatrical effect with mascara.

Summary. What to choose?

Both mascara and false eyelashes have many advantages. However, mascaras are more popular, easier to access and easier to use. If we want to quickly apply makeup, choose mascara. False eyelashes would be a good choice for special occasions for defined eyes. Used once in a while, false eyelashes should not cause any damage to natural eyelashes.