Why We Open the Mouth while Applying Mascara?

While applying mascara, we don’t put too much thought into our facial expression. However, it changes as soon as somebody draws your attention to the fact that every time you coat your lashes with mascara you… open your mouth. Where does the compulsion come from?

We are often unaware that we have similar habits, especially when it comes to the makeup routine. Take a closer look at faces you make every day while applying makeup. A fish face while applying a blush? A duck face while gliding a lipstick on the lips? Open mouth while coating the lashes with mascara? It’s perfectly normal!

Expressive face in makeup

Applying makeup to a still face would be much more challenging. Your facial expression helps you properly apply products so that your makeup is flawless no matter the light, faces you make or the angle that you look at it from. Therefore, it’s easier to apply a blush to gently lifted cheeks while smiling.

We might say that nature has primed us for the makeup efforts and challenges. During the makeup routine, some motions are automatic e.g applying mascara and unconsciously opening the mouth.

What is the reason for the ‘mascara mouth’?

There are lots of theories surrounding this peculiar compulsion. Some people make jokes saying that thanks to opening the mouth we can avoid losing breath because of staying totally concentrated. Others say that we try to tighten the skin and avoid mascara smudges. There is also a theory that the mascara mouth keeps you from… blinking.

I’m sure you’ve also wondered why we open the mouth while applying lash makeup. After all, we apply the product in the eye area – keeping the eyes wide open seems to make more sense. What is the link between the eyes and mouth?

The mascara mouth

Scientists decided to examine this dependency and take a closer look at the facial expression of women applying makeup. The answer to the everlasting question about the mascara mouth is surprising.

Two of the facial nerves take the blame for the uncontrolled habit. The first nerve is responsible for opening and closing the mouth whereas the other one for the movement of eyelids. Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that both nerves are very close to each other and they cross. The proximity of the nerves on our faces makes us open the mouth while applying mascara.

Can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?

Obviously, you can control your facial expression and apply lash makeup with the mouth closed. Still, you need to stay focused. Most women prefer to concentrate on coating the lashes precisely not caring about the weird or funny-looking faces they make. Beauty requires sacrifices. Even really small ones.