Chanel Inimitable

Multi-dimensional mascara

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to look like Coco Chanel fashion queen? Most women dream of this kind of Parisian class and elegance, that’s why they are eager to reach for Chanel mascaras. Although they are not as iconic as the Chanel N ° 5 fragrance, they are still a frequent choice of many women, hence their place in the ranking of the best mascaras. Chanel Inimitable is available in traditional and waterproof versions.

Brush – the soft and flexible elastomer brush is the best element of this mascara. The bristles are lined up with absolute accuracy to cover even the smallest eyelashes. At first glance, the wand is nothing unusual, its shape is very typical. In this case, this is an advantage because usually simple is better.

Formula – the mascara contains provitamin B5. The nurturing properties end here, so it has dubious distinction. It is based on plant waxes and beeswax, which can cause allergies. Polymers are responsible for lengthening, but they also make the mascara smudge- and flake-proof. Unfortunately, one of the more frequently mentioned defects of this mascara is the fast-drying formula that makes the application difficult.

How does it work?

Chanel Inimitable is a lengthening mascara that also separates the eyelashes and gives them volume. It will be appreciated by women who like nice and neat makeup. Unfortunately, in order to get the maximum volume, it’s recommended to use the Beauté Des Cils base before applying a few coats of mascara. Only one layer may not be enough – hence many disappointed women.

In a nutshell:

  • It lengthens and separates the eyelashes well, but without a spectacular volume.
  • Elastomer brush paints well and doesn’t stick together the eyelashes.
  • Formula with panthenol dries out too fast.
  • The mascara is available in two versions – traditional and waterproof.

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