Make-up DON’Ts. Why your mascara doesn’t coat your lashes as promised by the producer?

It happens that we spend fortune on the best quality mascara and we’re disappointed by the effects it produces. Is the product the one to blame? Not necessarily. Find out whether you make the following mistakes while doing your eye make-up.

Too many layers

The conviction that by applying a few coats of mascara you will make the lashes more enhanced and voluminous is false. If a particular mascara doesn’t produce the looked-for effect after maximally 2-3 coats, this means… it’s a bad mascara. Putting new layers of wet and gooey mascara on lashes is a fine way to get them clumpy.

Dirty brush

Have you ever happened to wash your mascara brush? If not then… that’s bad, really bad. Sadly, few women realize that using dirty brush is a fast track to clumps and unevenly coated lashes. Every time we use a mascara and collect the black cosmetic onto applicator, the bristle gathers dirt. With time it dries out and worsens the qualities of the applicator.

“Pumping up” the mascara

It was proven that, in general, we don’t know how to take care for mascara to help it keep the properties for as long as possible. While collecting the product we press air into the tube, and this encourage mascara to dry out faster. How is it possible? By moving the applicator up and down we expect to collect more mascara on the brush. In practice, this habit of ours makes the maraca less effective.

Lack of delicacy

Do you also share the idea that the stronger you press a mascara applicator to your lashes, the better effect you will receive? Surprisingly, that’s not true. Definitely better effects are obtained by dabbing the brush along lashes really gently. Too energetic mascara use and pressing the brush to lashes can cause their falling out, leaves them clumpy and may lead to eye irritation. Also, this is the fastest way to get mascara stains on eyelids. To sum up, this is not how applying perfect make-up should look like.

Old mascara

The lack of satisfying effects can also be caused by using an old mascara. How can we tell that a mascara is old? In most cases freshness of such products lasts 3-4 months. Sadly, we rarely replace mascaras with new ones because we think that such cosmetic doesn’t expire. However, inside a mascara tube bacteria and impurities gather and they don’t only influence the mascara’s properties but also can cause redness, irritation and in extreme situations also conjunctivitis.

No make-up base

Application of a mascara primer isn’t just the producers’ idea, who want to sell more cosmetics. Primers do help maximize mascara’s potential. It’s worth applying a coat of a mascara primer to boost its lash extending and thickening properties. Protective mascara primer will shield lashes against all possible factors that might damage them.

Damaged lashes

Taking care of eyelashes should be considered as the first point of doing make-up. Using eyelash serums, following a well-balanced diet and removing make-up in a gentle way provides long-lived effects. This applies to make-up as well because healthy, elastic and strong eyelashes are easier to be coated with a mascara. If they are long and don’t fall out excessively then they look way better after being coated with a mascara.